To Sign Up Call (757) 585-4344, 

or Stop By Yarn Matters



Sam Barsky, a internet celebrity, will be teaching a workshop at our own Yarn Matters in Williamsburg!

Sam knits sweaters with a landmark before visiting the place, and then takes a picture of himself wearing the sweater with the landmark on the background. Well, he made over 100 sweaters already, and making one with a Williamsburg landmark for his trip to Williamsburg! 

Sam is an internationally known person - originally we found out about him on Russian knitting forum on internet. Russian ladies were admiring his talent and dedication.

As a participant of the workshop, you will be able to see about 30 of Sam's sweaters, along with learning how to make your own special sweater with a picture of anything on it. The workshop will be held on Dec. 5, Tue., 6pm-9pm. Call (757) 585-4344 to sign up, or stop by Yarn Matters.​


- straight needles size 8, 9, or 10.
- worsted weight yarn in contrasting colors:
           2 skeins of color 1
           1 skein of color 2
           1 skein of variegated yarn
- paper and pen