Then we will search the shop for the perfect bundle for you based on your word. Your bundle will include yarn and other goodies from our shop. It's guaranteed that you will receive highest quality yarn, a pattern, and a surprise swag pack. Choose the price of the bundle, add the inspiration word in the notes. Also, we would like to know if you prefer to knit or crochet, and if there is anything you would like us to avoid (color, scarves, thin yarn, whatever it may be - we would like our bag to make you happy, not disappointed). 

Kevin, Marina, Anna, and Sasha are joining their creative potentials and ready to be challenged! Let’s do it! Here is a direct link to your value choices.

Yarn Matters - 7437 Richmond Rd., Williamsburg, VA 23188, (757) 585-4344

Quaranskein Mystery game is taking over fiber communities all over the internet. We would love our customers to experience it, too! Don’t we all like surprises?

Here's how it works...

You give me one word, any word. It could be a color, a flower, a song, a movie, or just a random word you choose out of the dictionary, bible, or a newspaper, but just one word.